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Ladies, there comes a time in our relationship career when some friend or family member advices us to “take the high road”; but what exactly does this mean? What are the coordinates of this so called high road? I’ll tell you.

In the past week alone, I have spoken to several bitter women. They have been so deeply hurt by men that they’ve either sworn off men completely or have decided to dedicate quality time to cursing out the men that hurt them. Well, while I totally feel their pain, I feel it’s be easier to take this high road which I’m about to educate you on.

First of all absorb your pain. Don’t ever speak to this guy when you are pained, don’t cry, don’t shout don’t curse. Smile and walk away. This is really difficult to do but in the long run you would have reserved your pride. There is no point is swearing, crying and throwing tantrums over a guy that has already left you. I always tell myself “it’s better he leaves me now when it’s still early than he cheats on me when I’m married and trapped”. So start by absorbing your pain in that moment and walking away.

Secondly, talk to someone. We all have that one reasonable friend that we hide stuff from because they always tell us the blunt truth even when we don’t want to accept it. Welllll, that’s who you need right now. Go to that friend, that’s where you are allowed to cry and bitch and curse. That friend will eventually, (if they are wise enough) make you see the very real bright side of that break up. Even if the bright side isn’t something you want to accept just yet, save it somewhere and get back to it when you are done wailing.

Give it time. Give the guy some room and give yourself some room to heal. For some people it might be a few hours and for others it might be a year. Take as long as you feel you need. Heal to the point where you can see things from the person’s point of view. Where you can in some twisted way justify the person’s actions to yourself then and only then are you ready to MAKE FRIENDS. Some people don’t think it’s necessary but this, my dear friend is the High Road they speak of. To be able to be friends with a man that has real hurt you and to truly wish them well, in fact trying to help them achieve greatness even when it’s not with you. Some people might feel I’m just saying this and it’s easier said than done, but to be hones, I personally don’t have a single ex I’m not friends with. What’s the malice for? Life is toooooo short to stay angry and bitter.

Take the high road ladies, there’s someone out there for everyone.





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