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aa-sad-womanWomen are beautiful creatures, a true evidence of God’s good craftsmanship. From their kind eyes to their delicately chiseled jaw lines, their well carved bosoms to the incline of their waists, the way their hips curve out and the smooth toned legs; yes indeed, women and beautiful creatures.

There is one thing though that is very capable of dimming the glow of any woman and that is a broken heart. Now I’m not talking about fury, it is a lot easier to be angry that to be heartbroken. Anger is usually short lived, the moment you act on it you feel a weight being lifted off, that is assuming your action didn’t land you in more trouble than you had to begin with lol; but when a woman is HURT, when she feels the ache to her very soul her eyes automatically lose their glow. The kind patience that she is known for is no longer evident. She listens but she doesn’t hear, she gives as a duty not because she wants to, she just exists.

I have tried to discover the reasons why a woman would hurt so much that she becomes a shell of herself and in as much as I came across so many reasons, the deepest is when she gives her ALL to a man, when she has loved without reservation, when she has opened herself up, emotionally to him and he hurts her…..that hurt can be seen through every fake smile she tries to put across. What I often times wonder is how do these men feel? You wife loves you with all that is within her and you go ahead a cheat so badly that she finds out. How do you sleep at night? Or you hit a woman God has given to you to protect? How do you face her the next day and tell her you love her? I don’t mean to come down on men but I see a lot of things happen and I wonder. There is no justification for betrayal. Your wife should be an extension of yourself. She should be pampered and treated like one of your children. She should be able to trust you like she would her father.

Dear men, you might not have taken a good look at you wives/girlfriends lately, please make out time to do so. Take a close look at her when she smiles. Is she happy? Does her laughter sound the way it did when you first met? If your answer is YES then Bravo to you. If your answer is NO or I DON’T KNOW then you have work to do. If you can’t keep a smile on her face then you have failed. It’s not always about expensive gift and saying I love you, there are too many ways to show that she means as much to you as she did on your wedding day.

This thought crossed my mind this morning and I decided to share. Stay Blessed.



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