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I just read some tips on twitter by Ike of big brother Africa. He gave 10tips on how to snag a bloke. Nice tips I must say. Some of them really struck me like the first one where he advised women to learn to do solo trips. Hanging out in groups really does scare men away but personally I don’t hang out to catch men…lol…I hang out because I’m bored; but he does have a point.

Notice how most articles and write ups target how to catch a man? I’m guilty of that too. Just because the world views women as such complex creatures, which we are, very few people have really bothered to document what WE want from men. I can’t exactly say I blame them though especially since most women are quite willing to alter their standards just to make room for the flavor of the month.

Soooooo I wanna take a shot at “What a girl wants”. Ladies, feel free to jump in when you think I have misquoted or add where you see fit. I promise to publish all input.

1)      A woman wants to be given priority: We are well aware of the fact that men are usually busy making a living or whatever it is they claim to do with all their spare time; but nothing says “I want you” like a little priority treatment. It goes a long way when a girl sees that you have set seemingly important stuff aside to do what she wants. You cancel a night out with the boys because she is feeling particularly needy, agree to go to the cinema because that’s something she likes, you make out time in your busy day to bring her lunch because she is home sick. A sacrifice for your girl once in a while will go a long way.

2)      We want to be pampered: Personally I’m not a mushy girl, but I’m extremely mushied up when a man tries to pamper me. Women are delicate and should be treated as such. Pick her up and drop her off, make it known to her that you do not want her to put herself through any stress on your behalf or anyone else’s and she will stress herself so much for you she’ll break out in hives. Last time I was sick, some guy drove all the way from his house and surprised me at my door step with medication because he knew I’d be too lazy to go and get it myself. Well it’s been months and each time I remember it….well guys just test and see sha.

3)      Need her: Everyone makes noise about how much men want to feel needed, women love to be needed too oh!!! Ask our opinion on some things, call us up some times and say you are hungry but you want to eat only what we made, ask your girlfriend to dress you up sometimes. The most important thing is not just asking for the advice or assistance, it’s actually taking it. If a woman feels she is needed, chances are she will never leave.

4)      Respect her: There are few things as satisfying as knowing your man won’t dare certain things because he fears you reaction. When we give you that “look”, know that you are out of line.

5)      Complement her: It really isn’t hard to tell a woman that she looks nice when she does. Your girlfriend goes through all this stress to look good for you and you don’t acknowledge it? You can’t tell when she has had her hair done or when she has lost some weight? Naaaa mehn. You have to look out for these things. Sometimes, for no reason, stare at you lady for a while and when she says “why are you looking at me like that?” reply “because you are so beautiful I can’t believe I have you”. Cheesy abi? Even after reading this article most girls will still blush if this happens to them. Women adore the small cheesy stuff; holding their waist in front of you friends and family, kissing them for the entire world to see, watching them while they pretend to sleep, buying them presents no matter how small “just because”.

6)      Raise them up above any other: The average woman has a bad complex that even she isn’t aware of. It is your job as men to find out this complex and milk it to your advantage. The more you boost a man’s confidence the more he wants to practice his new-found swag on other people, women are different. The more you make a woman feel good about herself the more she loves you. Yes there are some women that stay with men that constantly tear down their self-confidence but the moment they see a man who’ll bring it up they’ll bounce. Women like to be told they are better than others. I’m a woman and for the life of me I can’t explain what this is, but I know for a fact that it works.

7)      Take an interest in her career: Once I had a toaster that used to help me with official assignments, in as much as I like to tell myself I’m great at my job, there is always room for improvement. So this guy was always giving me ideas on how to make things work more smoothly…..damn I was tripped. If you see a woman has an interest in something positive, help her build on that interest and she will never forget you. I would never really take a man who has never read my blog seriously. Take an interest in a woman’s career or passion and she’s sold.

8)      Let us depend on you: Women are naturally very dependent. Forget all the new age woman nonsense that’s flying around “I just want to make my money and build my life blah blah”. Who no like better thing? Women need men, yes they can adapt if the man refuses to be needed but they need men. Before you men start arguing, this is not financial. It’s just nice to know that if you have a problem you have a man to take care of it. To not have to take your car for servicing or even be bothered to know your mechanic’s name…lol. We want your opinion and secretly seek your approval.

9)      Be a Leader: There is nothing as sexy as a man that’s in control. When he walks into a room you can immediately tell that if he says “jump” people ask “how high?” No girl wants a man that is a push over. It’s quite annoying if you let her push you around but it’s ten times worse if she sees other people push you around. There is a fine line between humility and being lily-livered. You have to be a MAN. Learn to take a stand and command presence or else even if she stays with you, she will never really respect you.

10)  Love: “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church”. We are all well aware that Christ died for mankind who ultimately make up the church. Forget all the mediocrity you men make us chop oh, when a man loves us we know. Love isn’t an emotion that hides. It is not the same as lust, or like or friend’s with benefits or…love is deep. It is an emotion that makes you forget “self”. If you love a woman unconditionally, and don’t waste any opportunity to show her that, you would be amazed at the lengths she is willing to go to keep you in her life.


These are just 10 tips off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are many more. Bottom line is, please stop settling for less than you want. Women, we know what we want. Don’t overlook what you want just because you are afraid of dying an old maid. It is better to find true love at 40 than to settle for garbage at 27 and deal with the smell for the rest of your life. Having said that, while I eagerly await you opinions, I will now proceed to tell that guy that this thing we have is not working….lol…not after leaving advice here I will now carry last.



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