Posted on: 04/06/2012

Today is a sad day for Nigeria, well it actually started as the weekend started but yesterday was the final bloody icing on the cake. At least 200 people have lost their lives in Nigeria or because of Nigeria over this weekend. It kind of makes you wonder what it is all for? By all I mean the constant daily struggles for money we don’t need, love we already have, fame that really doesn’t amount to much, beauty that will fade…the list is endless. My dear heart of men readers, week in week out we talk about various ways to begin and manage a relationship, but today we are going to MOURN with Nigeria. Not just for the deaths that have occurred in recent times, but for the fact that this country is clearly failing.

I wonder what we can stand up and boldly say works in Nigeria. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, I am happy to be Nigerian, some days at least, but it would be nice to live in a country where you don’t stand a chance of dying like a farm animal at the slightest thing.

A few years ago, 2 planes crashed in the space of 3months. Many families lost their loved ones; whole families were wiped out, little children burnt to death. Plane crashes may destroy lives but they are supposed to be rare and far between. What about the daily killers that exist that go unpunished? A country that has no electricity, doctors are going on strike at will and getting away with it. I might not have completed medical school but if my memory serves me correctly, that is against the Hippocratic Oath. These doctors that are even going on strike sef, many of them cannot even cure malaria…yes I said it o. Malaria, a sickness that has been existing for decades now is still killing people like fowl. I can’t understand it. Women are dying anyhow during childbirth. Something that families should be excited about now soaks them in fear and worry if they cannot afford to give birth abroad. Abi is it the road accidents? When our government doesn’t feel the need to fix our highways and make sure that these vehicles are “road worthy” how won’t there be accidents? If it is to run around the country changing university names, commissioning irrelevant things and causing day long traffic jams they will carry 1st. What exactly does the Ministry of Aviation do all day if there are 22year old faulty air crafts flying round Nigeria multiple times a day?

As a friend of mine rightfully said, you travel by road and you either get robbed, rapped or a tanker will explode. You travel by air and your plane crashes. You even decided not to travel and Boko haram bombs your church or a plane crashes into your home. What then do you do? How then do you know you are safe? My dears, there is only safety in God. Whatever your religion is, commit your life to God daily as people die for the strangest and most fickle reasons. From petty illnesses to avoidable accidents.

Today, The heart of men mourns with Nigeria and with all those that lost 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree acquaintances. No amount of words would really console you now so I just want to say that we are sorry for your loss/losses and we can only pray that these tragedies reduce.

God save Nigeria.


2 Responses to "MOURN"

Ps: U should talk about education cos its obvious U didn’t get a sound one. Pay more attention to ur grammar

Hi Rose,
It is ok to not like something but i trust you can be more polite. If you are hinting that the post has some grammatical errors i will check and correct immediately; but i’m sure you would have observed that this isn’t an educational forum. Thanks for stopping by. Remain blessed

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