Thick headed or Hard headed?

Posted on: 15/05/2012

I wasn’t gonna blog this week but just a few minutes ago something hit me. I remembered when I was younger, just a few years back actually, I fancied myself in love with one guy like that. In hindsight I realise that it was clearly not love but there was no way I’d have agreed at that time o.

Anyway, I thought I was in love and boy did I make a fool of myself. Right now it’s an amazing conversation starter but then it was painful. I’d make up all these feelings and all these conversations. Don’t get me wrong, the dude and I were friends, and maybe at one point he fancied me or maybe it was pity but I’d never really know because I went all cray cray, just like in the movies. It took an emotional blow to my ego (which is bigger than it should be) to bring me down to earth after 2years of complete and utter stupidity. What’s the point of this story? I’ll tell you.

A lot of girls make up relationships in their heads. A boy is nice to you and you conclude that he is into you. Next thing you know you are building on that and acting a fool. It’s important to realise when a boy is into you as a friend and when he wants more. It is always important to remember that when a man is into you as more than a friend he will tell you. Don’t assume, it could only land you in trouble; but in the event that you do assume, ask him before you start kissing his pictures and telling everyone how he supposedly got jealous because he saw you talking to someone else. Disillusion is like quick sand; once you allow yourself to get sucked in you’ll have a really hard time getting out.

The next group of girls are those ones that don’t know when it’s over. When your relationship has ended let it go, stay friends if you want to, but let him go emotionally. Just because you guys are still shagging doesn’t mean he is still your boyfriend. The moment he finds the kind of girl he really wants he won’t touch you with a 10foot pole, and even if he does, there would be no mistake as to what he wants. Stop thinking you know him and that you know for a fact that he really likes you but he just has factors hindering him. Trust me if he really wants to be with you your tribe, his financial situation, not even his family will hold him back. Harsh? Maybe, but I’m tired of hearing girls lie to themselves, because it can’t be me they are trying to deceive lol.

It hurts when a relationship ends, or when you really really like someone but they don’t seem to like you back; but take it from a person who has hit rock bottom in this area, it hurts a zillion times more when you wake up from your disillusion and realise that you can’t talk in front of some people because they have seen you at your lowest, because they have probably “tabled” your issue behind you and you can always see the laughter in their eyes….lol… It’s never too late to get your dignity back; all you have to do is WAKE UP.

Boys, please stop taking advantage of these poor ladies and stringing them along while you know deep down that nothing would ever come out of it. I think that’s pretty low. You shouldn’t take advantage of a person who is emotionally vulnerable.



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Having been in this situation before, I have to say that sometimes, even when you explain that you are just being nice, the girls still want Mr. Nice Guy has boyfriend and hang on hoping he will change his mind some day.

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  • livelytwist: Interesting topic that we need to come to terms with. As you pointed out, " matter how much you miss your past, there’s a reason you left in th
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