Nothing ventured, Nothing gained!!!

Posted on: 03/05/2012

Last week I had 4 single female friends celebrate their birthdays. When I mean single I mean very enterprising, very pretty, very well brought up girls but they don’t have boyfriends. It’s really sad the sort of land that seems to lie fallow these days. Over time it gets more difficult to know what men want and in the bid to find it out or become what we think they want, most girls lose themselves. I’ve had a few theories as to why I have so many single friends, but I learnt a new one over the Easter holiday, when I did my babe auction, and so far this has made the most sense.

When most guys see a beautiful established young woman they automatically assume she is NOT single and it takes more than a lot to convince them.

If every guy assumes a pretty girl is hooked then she will never get hooked. Ladies don’t worry there is nothing you can do personally to change this view because the harder you try to convince him you are available the cheaper and more desperate you wind up looking. So today I wanna have a talk with the men.

Dear Men, if you sight a hot babe that you like walk up to her and ask her out, or at least get her number. You can’t just assume that she’s hooked and walk away. Besides, so what if she has a boyfriend? Haven’t you ever heard of snatching? Yes, I said it. You might not set out with the intention of snatching but sometimes that boyfriend was just destined to watch over her and keep her honest while you get your life together. I know it sounds cold and mean but a lot of success in life is achieved by injecting a little meanness. There are so many hot single girls out there and even more unhappy hooked girls. By hooked I mean in a relationship o, don’t go and toast someone’s wife.

Personally if a brother doesn’t treat his girlfriend well then he should prepare to lose her to a guy who will treat her good. Besides, how many girls above 26 start dating a guy and declare him “boyfriend” publicly without being certain of the destination on the relationship? Girls are allowed to have several suitors before they pick one provided they are not test-driving said suitors.

I guess my point is that you will never know until to try. Walk up to that girl today, tell her how u feel, she just might be single and if she’s not remain a good friend, you just might be able to rescue her from the monster she is with. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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