Acknowledge your weakness

Posted on: 12/03/2012

Everyone has a weakness. It would either draw people to you or drive people from you. The most important thing is to know your weakness so you can either learn to tuck it away or use it to your advantage. If you think you don’t have a weakness, that right there is your weakness.

I personally have a list of weaknesses which I have been fortunate enough to identify with age. In fact just last week I identified a new one. Apart from having this desire (maybe disillusion) that every dude that has passed through my life is secretly regretting not trying harder to stick around, I also discovered that I have the gift of making men fall for me. Before you start rolling your eyes and saying “pompous much”, it’s a bad weakness because I go out of my way and even do and say things I don’t mean just to see if it’ll work. I find it extremely frustrating because I can’t seem to use it on people I actually give a shit about so I just end up practicing on people I don’t care for and then I end up with this long line of baggage (which I have recently cleared by the way). If I can acknowledge this weakness about myself I’m sure you can start to identify yours.

For some ladies (most ladies), they build-up the relationship in their heads and before they know it, the subconscious bubbles to the surface thus freaking the guy out. It’s a known fact that men freak out when a girl pushes too hard, why then do we keep doing it? I can’t stress it enough, YOU CAN’T MARRY EVERY GUY YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO. Chances are you’d even walk past your husband and not take a second look because most times we don’t end up with “our type”. So take your time and enjoy whatever time you and that new dude have or walk away and allow your friends who have to listen to your dreams rest.

Some other women are bitches. That’s all they know how to be, ill-mannered bitches. Being a bitch keeps your heart very protected because no right thinking dude is gonna wanna touch it. Try shutting up and listening rather than incessantly dictating to the poor man what you can and cannot take unless you are willing to “take” ending up an old maid. Being a bitch might get you a lot of female friends who wish they had your guts, but it won’t keep a man. Personally I’m a 1st class bitch. Not something I’m proud of but I can proudly say I am very capable of turning it off…are you? I am almost never a bitch to guys but to girls?…that’s a story for another day. Bottom line is there is nothing to be gained from being nasty to a guy especially when you know deep down you like him. It doesn’t give you the power you think it does.

Some women are push overs. Nobody likes a pushover, they are extremely boring. In your desperation to keep a man you become a mumu. My dear sister, imagine how stupid you will feel when he leaves you for that other girl that doesn’t seem like “wife material” to you. You should learn to not be so agreeable all the time it really isn’t a good look on anyone both male and female.

This brings me to the supposed “wife material” na una dey always carry last oh. You cook, clean, keep yourself for him, try to look nice and homely, say all the things you think he wants you to say, pretend to like the things he likes, you teach yourself to be almost like him or his mum or whatever perverted idea you have at that time. The question I have for you is this; how long can you keep up the pretence? It’s very hard work o. Here’s an idea, be a better version of you. If you hate soccer like me, say you hate soccer but don’t make a fuss because you came over to spend time with him and he’s watching soccer and not you. Personally I’m ok with just being in the same airspace as the man I love, I don’t care if he’s watching football or watching me sleep. It’s not like he does it every time.

Bottom line is we all have issues…I have shamelessly identified only a few of mine but the most important thing is I am well aware of these issues and more than willing to work on them…what about you? Who knows maybe that’s why you are perpetually single or stuck in meaningless relationships…I guess what I’m driving at is the fact that most times failed relationships are our fault. We have more control over the way our relationships play out than we know, from the type of guys we attract to ourselves to the method we adopt in handling these relationships. Take time off like I recently have, clean out your closet and work on yourself, in no time you’ll be happy again, with or without a new man.


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Hit the nail really hard there… As for your weakness, me I am seriously rolling my eyes… Biko come and practice on me.

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