Posted on: 05/03/2012

When I was 17years old and I had my first relationship I had this basic impression that once you were good to a person, you loved them, treated them well, didn’t cheat that they would repay you the same way……….boy was I wrong. I carried on with this thinking until I experienced what it felt like to be cheated on by a person you were good to. It’s a hellish feeling. Everything that happened between then and now I refuse to document…lol…but I wanna know how different people view cheating.

Guys think it’s inexcusable for a lady to cheat and ladies most times expect the guy to cheat. I think it makes it easier to deal with in the end when you saw the scandal coming from day one. What I will never be able to understand is married women cheating, and not just cheating, but cheating with multiple partners? What’s that about? Ok, let us assume by some ill stroke of faith you fall out of love with your husband, assuming you ever loved him, and then you fall in love with some sexy stranger outside and you make up your mind that you must absolutely have the dude. At what point do you decide that one extra marital affair is not enough? It’s bad enough that this woman finds time outside her husband and kids to chase after a young man who she probably gives pocket-money; but when there are many of these men its alarming.

Previously on this blog I’ve talked about how sex is more emotional to women than men unless the woman is a wh**e. So using simple logic, how possible is it for a person to be attached to so many men at the same time? So Madam, if you are not shagging all those men because you have feelings for them that makes you a nympho doesn’t it?

To be frank, I need some help here, because it becomes more obvious to me daily that our generation might be the one to end the world. Our sense of right and wrong is extremely off. Sex is now a sport, marriages have become fashion. In the days of old it was a thing of shame to have lost your virginity before marriage, these days to be a virgin at 18 seems almost impossible. The most annoying part is that even the ones that manage to marry as virgins are on the streets 2years after seeking the experience they didn’t get in their youth. This whole “women empowerment” this is getting old. I’m a relatively independent woman but I still want a man to take care of me and see to my needs so I have to know when to drop the act. You can’t be shagging a man for money or sexual satisfaction and demanding to be empowered. If you know you want the power STOP needing men. Don’t get married at all. Get a job, make money, adopt a baby and be happy. Don’t marry a man, chop his money, have his babies and wake up one day and remember that it’s your body and you can do what you like with it. That’s rubbish. Pick a side and stick to it. I’m all for being treated like an egg, being adored and pampered o so I’m willing to bend where necessary. Whether we are willing to accept it or not it’s a man’s world.

So my dear Madam, if you like, wipe your neighbourhood clean with your waist na you sabbi. You have kids already so if your hubby kicks you out YOU have EVERYTHING to lose. If you decide to get married, put your head down and stick it out or get a divorce if you can’t.

Have a fab week.


5 Responses to "Fidelity"

I agree with all except the world ending in our generation because of the fuckery going on.
There have been worse things in the past, much worse. We are only getting warmed up. It all happens in cycles.
Lol @ wiping clean with waist

People are inventing news ways to commit “fuckery” by the minute…if this doesn’t end the world im scared to find out what will..

I don’t think they are new though… Just saying. We still use Kamasutra the last time I checked…

I totally agree to all more in particular abt married women nd men, if ur partner can perform well why not teach him /her dan going outside to look for small small gals nd boys u will keep to date only for ur selfish interest bt I don’t agree to d one dat d world will end on it. Be warned u married men nd women out thhere

u made some valid points i’m assuming that you do not exonerate married men who cheat. i expect my man to be faithful too

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  • livelytwist: Interesting topic that we need to come to terms with. As you pointed out, " matter how much you miss your past, there’s a reason you left in th
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