Posted on: 02/01/2012

Happy new year my darlings. I trust we all had an amazing holiday (I know I did).

I’m sure a lot of us started the year with resolutions, things we found ourselves doing last year that we want to discontinue this year, habits we’d like to take up this year. Off the top of my head I can tell you some; lose weight, save more, fall in love, stop sleeping around, get closer to God, have more time for my family etc. The list could be endless but how many of these resolutions do we actually carry out? Most people do relatively well in the first quarter of the year then decide it’s not worth the hassle. I find resolutions hilarious. If you don’t like something change it, you don’t have to broadcast it to a world that couldn’t care less. You have them up on Facebook, twitter, blackberry …seriously? If I wanted to lose weight I’d just go ahead and start to lose weight I wouldn’t tell the entire cyber world.

Any way boys and girls I think there’s a resolution we all need to try this year “Faithfulness”. As you advance it age and remain unwed, it becomes a lot more difficult to stay faithful. We always try not to put all our eggs in one basket for fear that the basket might break. But I think it’s a lot of stress maintaining so many baskets, lying and sneaking around; so ladies and gents it’s time to be faithful to that ONE person. The year has just begun so pick 1 person and stick to your decision…I know I did. Work hard at making that relationship work and see how far it goes.

Guys, it’s not cool when you don’t show it when you’re jealous or when you don’t keep tabs on your girl. I’m not saying you should go crazy and tail her, but its sweet when you wanna know who they’re hanging out with and what time they got home the previous night. You don’t have to make it routine  but a little jealousy and concern goes a long way in reducing the number of baskets a girl has.

For the girls it’s a bit different. Yes guys love it when you show jealousy too but girls have a way of going overboard with things without even trying hard….lol.

So rather than say “where have you been all day?” try saying “how did day go baby?” and when he says “good”, while you act like you are doing something else, ask subtle questions about work, friends or even school as the case may be. This way he doesn’t feel attacked or interrogated. Some readers feel I have double standards and I excuse some things for men and I don’t for women. Well unfortunately the world of a man is different from that of a woman we don’t reason the same way and so want address issues from the same angle.

That’s just 1 way of working harder at making that chosen relationship work for you. Next week we’ll address the advantages and disadvantages if getting to know each other’s family. HAPPY NEW YEAR.



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