Posted on: 27/12/2011

Merry Xmas readers. Last time I wrote the first part of a story that was supposed to shed a light on what some girls have been through and I was(and still may) to follow it up with some of the possible ways these girls end up. It might help you understand that friend slightly better. But in the meantime I’m not Tchidi Chikere so I’m gonna talk about a topic a darling friend of mine brought up 10 seconds ago. “Umunwanyi na ego”….”Women and Money”.

One of the oldest professions in the world is PROSTITUTION….lol…yes it is.

All humans are naturally greedy…but to what extent are we willing to go to satisfy ourselves? That’s the problem…young girls these days are willing to go to any length to foot the bills they created for themselves. What ever happened to simple living? Having the things you need and can afford @ that time? You wanna carry the latest LV and yet you don’t have a J.O.B? What the hell? I’m not saying you can’t dupe all these useless old men that think they are smart…but how far exactly is too far?…Honey…if you r DATING a married man and referring to  him in front of peeps as “My bf”, then you have gone too far. If u find yourself dating multiple married men you are at the edge. If you find yourself going to foreign countries to sleep with men that “pay better” you have fallen over the edge and need to be tied in a mountain of fire church.

I’ve always believed in something…hard work…it’s true it doesn’t always pay off financially but there’s nothing as satisfying as having rest of mind.

You are going to all these lengths to look hot and own “stuff” and in the end all it’ll do is attract more married men and chase away the young brothers. Have you ever asked yourself why all the seemingly posh hunks end up with girls who will not normally measure up to you? The pick these girls up, clean them out and bring them into their homes, meanwhile they still drop some lyrics your way every now and then but nothing for you. Don’t get me wrong, if your ambition in life is to be a “big girl” then you are on the right path, but if eventually you wanna settle down, then my dear it’s time to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate your life because you’ve got your priorities mixed up. It is wise to leave the stage when the ovation is loudest.


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  • livelytwist: Interesting topic that we need to come to terms with. As you pointed out, " matter how much you miss your past, there’s a reason you left in th
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