Posted on: 12/12/2011

She had only been 16yrs old when it happened. She had believed it was her fault. Surely she must’ve done something to make him think it was ok to do it to her. Maybe it was the way she dressed, walked, or even her laughter that had led him on. But what she didn’t know was that there was no justified reason for rape. Nobody on God’s green earth has the right to take advantage of your body without your consent. It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 60, it’s wrong in the eyes of both God and man.

Missy was 16 when she got into the University. 16 was a young age to be starting uni but she had always been faster than her mates. Funny thing is you couldn’t tell she was 16 by just looking, and she sure as hell wouldn’t volunteer that information. She told everyone she was 19years old and she looked the part. Her peers were between the ages of 18 and 21 and that made it easier to blend in so it was no surprise Julius took a liking to her.

Julius was 26, a final year med student. He had it all…tall, dark, handsome and rich. Every girl’s dream, especially at that age. She became the envy of her classmates when he started showing up at her class with gifts. Flowers, chocolates, cards, jewellery…Julius was pulling out the big guns. His pride was at stake. He knew every girl wanted him but he couldn’t stop thinking about the one girl who didn’t want him. All he needed was one date and he was certain by the next morning she would be fawning over him.

The thing is this; the mind of a “well brought up” 16year old is very different from that of an 18year old. They might both want gifts and money, but the 16year old thinks a 26year old dude is “creepy”. But when you let people believe you are 19 they begin to wonder why you have turned down a 26year old star who appeared to be head over heels in love with you.

Fast forward she agrees to have lunch with him. Its day time, what can happen in daytime….

“I’ve decided to cook for you Missy. I might have only this chance with you and I want to make you my sole focus for the length of time we have.”

At this point a lot of girls will swoon in their heads and tell themselves how romantic this was. Missy was terrified. Her first instinct was to get out of the car and keep running, but no mature lady would do that, so she sat still. Fast forward; after an amazing meal, they sat on the couch to play mortal combat (the video game), and somewhere between the Raven’s fatality move and her screaming with joy that she had won, Julius kissed her. It felt really nice at first and then she started to relax a little. Then his hands started to snake up her waist. She tried to move it down and his grip got tighter, his kiss got more demanding, so much so she could swear she tasted blood. Adrenaline began to rush through her veins everything became red and she stared to shake.

“Please don’t do this Julius. I will do anything you want. I’m just a kid.”

He looked at her, with eyes that she didn’t recognise and a smile that must have been from the devil and said “you, a kid, honey you’ve been jerking me around for months. Now this is happening with or without your consent. I advise you sit back and enjoy the ride.”

She tried to struggle but it was evident that her struggles fuelled his desire. She screamed but nobody came. She prayed but nothing changed. He didn’t tear her clothes; he simply pinned her tiny form down with one hand and undressed her with the other. When eventually she was totally nude he looked at her and said; “I’m gonna enjoy this” and with a satisfied smile the thrust into her. Her scream was so loud that it ended in a croak, she was sure her tears had burned a hole in her cheeks. He didn’t seem to notice the blood that gushed out of the side of her thigh. She had never felt anything like this. She could no longer speak let alone beg. This must be what death feels like. Every muscle in her small body hurt. He pulled on her hair and bit her nipples. He kept mumbling rubbish and sweated like a goat herder. She knew she would never forget the smell of his sweat. Eventually she blacked out. She was quite conscious but she was not aware of what was happening around her. She remembered him guiding her towards the bathroom. She remembered the water running over her skin; she didn’t remember the temperature of the water. She remembered getting dressed, sitting in his car, and walking into her room.

She lived alone so it was convenient. She lay on her bed and didn’t move until she heard a sharp knock on her door. She checked her watch and it was 6, she didn’t know if it was AM or PM. Her visitor told her that they hadn’t seen her after her date with Julius on Saturday afternoon and this was now 6am Monday morning.

This is the story of how Missy’s life turned into something she never planned for.


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