What’s going on???

Posted on: 09/11/2011

Was just having a conversation with a friend about the rate at which marriages are collapsing these days. Seems to be that more marriages are collapsing and some of the ones that have not collapsed are better off collapsed. My friend seemed puzzled about this but I’m not and I’ll tell u why;

In the days of old, naïve little girls got married to young enterprising men. The women were taught that their job was to cater to their men and produce kids while the men were taught to work hard and provide for their families. Once you turned 18 as a woman you knew that marriage wasn’t farfetched. All the reasons for getting married were in order. Submit to your man and raise your kids right. The story has changed.

Now women want so badly to measure up with the men and the men are in a hurry to pass a selected amount of their responsibilities to the women…pity. Young girls are in such a hurry to get married and have “Mrs” attached to their name that the illusion doesn’t survive after the lavish wedding…no I’m not talking about the Kardashian scandal…this happens in our society every day. The only difference is that the naija girl will stay and have a kid or two before taking a walk.

What I’d like to know is what the desperation is about? Yes we all get lonely sometimes and get a bit jealous when we see other peoples’ kids but if you end up in the wrong marriage you will beg for those lonely days. You overlook things you normally wouldn’t stand just so people don’t say you are “picky”. There is nothing wrong with being rationally picky because contrary to popular belief, marriage is not the end of a race; it is the beginning of an entirely new one. You are gonna have to live with this person for the rest of your life….at least that’s the way it was designed to be.

So what if you are 30 and single? It’s better than being 30 and divorced or 30 and beaten to death or 30 with a man/woman that makes u contemplate suicide or murder on a daily basis. If you are in a relationship enjoy it…if you feel you want different things free the dude/babe. Marriage marriage marriage….there is more to life o!!!

Let’s make this a fun topic. Please leave a comment telling us why YOU think a lot of marriages fail these days and we’ll address the most intriguing idea…..Bless


4 Responses to "What’s going on???"

As an event decorator, sometimes ppl think it’s ok for us to just make the wedding beautiful and bank some money but it’s more than that. It’s also very fulfilling to see the couple after 10 or 15yrs still happy. It adds joy to my heart knowing i was a part of making that union a success. But these days, it’s so sad that one out of every 10 marriages we decorate is pretty much over in less than 2yrs. I think the modern woman is getting married for all the wrong reasons. These days love is no longer enough infact in some cases, it doesn’t even seem relevant. It’s really crazy.

I honestly don’t know whats going on but it’s scary!!! Some say there is scarcity of men so let’s just “manage” when u know deep down, there’s only so much “managing” u can take, some have forgotten that the men are the head of the family and so forgotten their roles and responsibility, some didn’t have any real role models to look up to growing up so don’t really get the concept of a home or how a real marriage should function…….its sad to see women who have 3 kids and 4 nannys these days, women who don’t know their kids teachers or husband’s shirt size not to talk of how the oven works in their kitchen. Am not saying we should all be domestic goddesses but , pls, we are women for a reason, work if u have to, own ur own empire if u want to, but don’t get married and bring children to the world if u cant prioritize……enuf of my senseless ranting, that’s just my own 2 cents……

I think a lot of women rush in cos they think about the wedding ceremony not the actual marriage and they get married for the wrong reasons.Marriage is an eye opener so they rush out when they find out it isn’t a bed of roses.They look for the closest exit.Chics pls don’t rush in if you aren’t ready.i

I honestly feel that the reason people rush into marriage is because they can’t stand seein their close friends who r married or in serious relationships.haba evrygirl has her saturday..I have friends who are rushing to get married because they heard that am engaged..lmao..some even rush to marry guys that they barely doesn’t work that way..jealousy ,envy and self comparism r the 3major reasons why girls rush to marry dis days not like dey actually care bout d cuz “babyface” has found her missing rib so dey have to b at d same level wit her ..I believe evryone should b patient and prayerful..dez more to marriage than a wedding is not a competition .there is no winner in “marriage”. Marriage is the only institution that there is no graduation unless one dies….wat happens in ur 50s do u still want to wake up to dat face, or see that smile or have to live wit dat horrible smell or can u stand d smell of his fart..or his dry jokes or bad habit..pls ladies take ur time to know what your going into..its better to b single than to constantly regret and then die in silence..

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  • livelytwist: Interesting topic that we need to come to terms with. As you pointed out, " matter how much you miss your past, there’s a reason you left in th
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