Who is a good girl?

Posted on: 24/10/2011

Lol……i like to at least try to make this blog readable to both genders because I’m most certainly not a feminist. Everyman (or at least most) wants a super woman. She’s cooks better than their moms, keeps the home spotless, the kids always look brand new. She doesn’t demand much but yet she always looks fit for a king. She’s very feminine yet she knows a thing or two about sports. She’s just as informed about WORLD politics as she is about Egusi soup. She listens to him and does as she is told. On top of all these qualities, she should be able to assist substantially to the financing of the home. Dream on.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no girl has all those qualities. It’s usually a mix and match and it’s mostly laced with a negative trait that you’ll never be able to get rid of but you’ll learn to live with it. So what does this blog regard as a good woman;

She’s FLEXIBLE: She might not know it all but she is willing to learn. She knows her man is a semi-glutton so she learns to at least make his favourite meal at least. She knows how to make the best of a bad situation…from making a pot of soup with just 1k to wearing an old outfit and making it look new. She hates football but will bring you beer while ManU trashes Arsenal for the umpteenth time.

She’s NOT A PUSH OVER: It is fundamentally wrong to hang on a man’s every word. You can’t do all he says like you are a “dollbaby”. She should be able to challenge you as  a man….she needs to keep pushing you to keep setting new boundaries and hold your hand as you cross them.

“Ijeoma I don’t like it when you give me so much fish and just one piece of beef”

“My Precious you know red meat is not good for your heart and you’re not a baby anymore. Don’t worry just manage I promise to reward you later…trust me now”

I bet most people are smiling after reading that. That’s a good woman’s response…the alternative will be “why you too dey do like pikin? No be you dey there as doctor talk sey you fit die? Who you want die leave all this children for?”…lmao…Hilarious but happens a lot.

So she’s not a push over but she is diplomatic. She knows the right buttons to push to get her way.

She FEARS GOD: This cannot be stressed enough. The woman, as the heart of any relationship, must have a strong fear and love for God and all things that have to do with him. She is there to pray her husband to his destiny and keep the kids from becoming a menace to society.

She can MULTITASK: She should be able to be in two places at once. Take care of two different issues at the same time without raising too much dust.

She MUST be FAITHFUL: Her husband and kids are the centre of her world…whether we accept it or not it’s a man’s world. A woman has no business what so ever being unfaithful to her husband. What exactly are you looking for? She shouldn’t even have time to think of another man…if she does she isn’t handling her home well..

She is SEEN and not HEARD: Wildness and loudness in a woman are unacceptable. She is required to weigh her words and speak the ones that make sense at that point in time, no violence or insolence or throwing tantrums just to have her way.

So men, if you are looking for a hot cake , she might be soggy on the inside o. and always remember that flexibility is the first thing on this list, if she doesn’t have a what you want, how u want it, mould her.


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