Gold Diggers

Posted on: 04/10/2011

In the days of all the term Gold digger used to be attributed to “females” who dated men just because of what they stand to gain from these said men (mostly financial gains). Lately, in the modern world, times have changed and the roles have been reversed.

If you take a look at most homes these day, you see that from contributing to the upkeep of the home, the women have slowly but surely started to become the bread winners. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with this concept. It is a marriage after all. But I think it’s quite annoying when a bloke readily gives up his role as bread-winner and still feels the need to exert his “manly” role. Some even go as far as quoting the bible, “a woman should submit to her husband”….no wahala..What of the part where it says “a man should dig the soil”? Funny how we bend the good news to suit us. Anyway a marriage is a marriage and what happens in it doesn’t concern me for now.

My concern today is this latest trend of “gold digging young men”. What ever happened to the days when a man’s plan was to work hard, make a reasonable living and get married? Now it’s simply; date a girl and sponge of her. Some end in marriage but you’d have to be mega rich to get them to stick around. I’m not saying this just because I’ve noticed it a lot….for the 1st time I’m going to give u a story from personal experience.

For confidentiality sake let’s call the dude…

I met Dude at a Christmas gathering last year…hot bloke. Very hot. Some might even argue that I willed him to myself with my mind….we’d never know how true that is will we? Anyway…we spoke a couple of times on the phone before I was set to go on holiday. I took a trip and I kept in touch with Dude via yahoo messenger cos he was too cheap to pick up the phone and call… I’m all for women’s liberation so I even called a couple of times. You see I have this theory that states “I don’t really have a problem with a struggling brother, but he should understand that I’m struggling too so…please keep your money and let me keep mine.

Anyway, before I knew it I was being referred to as “girlfriend” Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind at all but I had seen him just once (the day we met) so you’d understand my confusion. Next thing I know, he’s ordering stuff from my trip…lmao…I thought it was a huge joke so I didn’t get anything for him because I don’t subscribe to that school of thought at alllllllll.

What got me upset was the fact that he actually fought me because I didn’t buy anything. He then proceeded to try to make other financial demand….see me oh…i am looking for the 1 I will collect abeg.

Bottom line is the whole charade ended with name calling (mostly from him)….this guy would ‘flash’ me and honestly I would believe his “poor network” story. How much worse could it get? It’s not my duty to “wash” a man…I’m a girl….i know what I am entitled to.

I could go on and on with loads of examples from friends; the ones that have woken up and the ones that still don’t realise they are being played. It’s natural for a girl to date a guy for money and a guy to date a girl for…but when a guy starts dating girls for money or financial connections…

These are signs of the end times o because there is no other explanation. If you want me to pay your bills please stay home, cook, clean, do the school run etc and let me go out and make money to feed you with.

Before the men bite my head off…I’m not refereeing to the dudes who toil day and night trying to make something of themselves o…the men I’m talking about know themselves…

If there are any topics you (both ladies and gents) want some info on please let me know and I’ll gladly do the research.

NEXT WEEK: The 1’s we want don’t want us and we don’t want the ones that do want us.


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lovely piece….the dude if patience enough will see someone that will dance to his……. we are wiser now abeg. cheers

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