21 Questions

Posted on: 26/09/2011

1)      Why is it that when relationships come to an end, no matter how mutual the ending was, it only takes a matter of weeks for the parties to forget all the good they supposedly shared? But the negative parts stay with them the rest of their lives?

2)      Why is it that girls are often the 1st to say “I love you” but always find it the easiest to love again?

3)      Why is it that guys think, just because they love a girl, the relationship has to work?

4)      When is the RIGHT time to walk away and be sure never to look back?

5)      Why is it most difficult to apply common sense to our own lives?

6)      What is the relationship between height and inferiority complex?

7)      Who came up with the “Okafor’s law”?

8)      Why do young girls suddenly discover God when they are married? Let me rephrase that…Why is it that once a girl is married she wants the world to think she has discovered God?

9)      Why is it that when a guy says “my speck” he is referring to the physical but when a girl says it she is referring to a guy’s character?

10)   Do you realise that the expensive hair/nails/clothes/shoes and bags we adorn ourselves with are mainly just to intimidate or impress our fellow girls? Most guys can’t tell the difference between Prada and Primark…and the few that can tell the difference can probably afford to change your Primark to a Prada anyway…

11)   Why do most girls choose expensive bags and jewellery over trendy and smart-looking clothes?

12)   Why is it that, even as the world is changing, and women are becoming more empowered every day, the idea of LOVE still turns on EVERY red-blooded woman’s mumu switch?

13)   A girl, who probably knows all the positions in the Kama sutra, lies to a dude that she only knows “mummy and daddy” and he’s overjoyed by the opportunity to furnish her with his broad knowledge of all things carnal…he doesn’t even realise when she starts pulling stunts he definitely didn’t teach her…lmao…why o why?

14)   Young love (ages 16-21) is the most dangerous of all…FACT

15)   Why do women tend to stick to the man who shoots them down?

16)   Why is it that 1ce a woman helps clean out a man, and he realises his potential, he suddenly feels he is too good for her? Lmao

17)   Why the hell did there have to be a Judas? Now whether we like it or not there is always a hidden betrayer…and he is usually the 1st to greet us with a kiss….

18)   All men say “I want a girl who can cook, clean, pamper me silly, hold down a job, hold down a good current affairs/sports conversation etc” but the moment they meet that girl, they toy with her. Why?

19)   Why is it called a favour is you expect something in return, and why do you expect a girl to say “thank you” when she had to “spend the night” before u gave her pocket-money?

20)   What exactly is SEX? Where does Foreplay stop and sex start? Are they the same?

21)   Finally why have I chosen to use my evening to write down these questions that I honestly don’t care about the answers to?

Truth is, there is some1 for every1…if only u take a closer look…tall dark and handsome seldom goes for tall, light-skinned and modelesque…25 year old girls rarely catch the eyes on 28-year-old boys. There might be the initial attraction but no staying power….the world is changing.. The football captain is marrying the Nerd and not the Home coming queen. The Home coming queen is either marrying the Band geek turned billionaire, having a baby @ home or she just doesn’t care. As for me? I’m going to marry the Reformed bad boy…the 1 that was always in trouble (not with olopa oh) and he’s gonna have funny childhood stories for me every week



4 Responses to "21 Questions"

abeg which one is Okafor’s Law

Okafor’s law states that ” once 2 people have been in a relationship, especially one that inolved sex, there is always the possibility that they could get involved again”….in layman’s term “old firewood quick dey catch”

Have sex again you mean? 🙂

I totally agree with you.

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  • livelytwist: Interesting topic that we need to come to terms with. As you pointed out, " matter how much you miss your past, there’s a reason you left in th
  • angelsbeauty: Word!
  • Bee: Spot on 👌


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