Posted on: 19/09/2011

Ladies ladies ladies…..don’t we just love to keep on trashing the men like we are perfect and without fault….My sisters we all have our own faults oh, but I just want to hammer on one for today that I know most of us are guilty of.

We like to pride ourselves in having the “gift of goodbye”, when in reality it only seems like we have that gift because the nigga don’t want us anymore…..yes I said it… I’m not talking about the ones we dumped…because we never really loved those ones, we don’t dump men that we love no matter what. We loved the ones that dumped us…and those are the ones we never let go of in our hearts. Now, I don’t have a problem with dreaming about “the one that got away”, but I have a HUGE problem (and I’m sure the dudes agree) with carrying over the drama. When your relationships start to follow the same pattern, unless your problem is spiritual, it’s your own damn fault….yes I went there.

DON’T bring the drama of you old relationship into the new one. DON’T talk about your ex around your man DON’T even think about him because thinking may lead to talking which is the 1st DON’T. He left you…yes we know it’s his loss but can you let it go already? What even annoys me the most is when the babe finally sees a good man(which is hard enough to find) and her ex comes knocking she quickly follows him(the ex)….what’s that about? No honey no matter what you tell yourself that doesn’t mean you have won…it means you are stupid….UNLESS he broke up with you respectfully for something you did wrong…and even then why are you going back to a man who DUMPED all that candy? Even if the man ends up marrying you there will come a day when you tell yourself “I shouldn’t have come back to this dude”….maybe by then you’d have twin sons that look just like their father kicking you from each side.

My point is….PLEASE leave “the one that got away” alone….If a man dumps you swallow your pride and move on…the theory of “my exs always come back” is bull because 9 out of 10 times they are coming for the candy and not your heart.

If you doubt me ask your brother/father…. They are only men that will tell you the truth every single time.


3 Responses to "CASE OF THE EX"

Tell them….

This just happened! The mo’fuck considers me and him hanging out “creeping” and I’m supposed to be his ex! He wants us to chill at home and see a movie in other words SHAG! O ma se o! Olori buruku! I told him to stick with his other mail friends. Bushit!!!!!

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  • livelytwist: Interesting topic that we need to come to terms with. As you pointed out, " matter how much you miss your past, there’s a reason you left in th
  • angelsbeauty: Word!
  • Bee: Spot on 👌


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