Posted on: 12/09/2011


It would interest you to know that both men and women have different definitions of cheating; but then again the battle of the sexes exists in all aspects of life.

Cheating on someone who has given their heart to you hurts that person deeply no matter what the definition of cheating is. I personally see cheating as anything you do that you are afraid/ashamed to let your partner know. But that’s my personal opinion.

In the relationship aspect (which is why we are here really) let’s try to decipher and explain what both men and women see as cheating.

MEN: It is not a secret that men find it more difficult to commit emotionally than women. For most men, sleeping with you doesn’t define you as a couple, in fact you are not officially a couple until the man says so. Until then you are a really good friends. This is because men commit harder than women, while a man’s eyes and body may stray, his heart rarely does. If your man’s heart strays from you, you must’ve done something terribly wrong. He might not say “I love you” 10times a day like us girls, but when he does say it he means it. So what is cheating to a man? It is when the women they are with has SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with another man. When their “property” has been tampered with. The moment their woman has been touched by another man she has been soiled and it takes a great sense of maturity and an amazing level of Christianity to get passed that feeling and to erase the mental picture. To be honest most men never really forgive, they learn to live with it. Some end up dividing their emotions and if the woman is lucky he divides it between her and work and not another woman. Every wise man knows that when your lady says “it didn’t mean anything” it’s a HUGE lie because a woman will never risk her relationship for “it didn’t mean anything” (unless she’s a nympho)

WOMEN: Almost all women are emotionally “easy”. What men don’t realize is that the challenge isn’t getting a woman to love you, it is keeping her in love with you. The fact that a woman stays faithful to her man doesn’t necessarily imply that she loves him, but definitely implies that she respects him. To most women, the relationship starts the moment you have your first kiss. The average woman doesn’t just go around kissing and chilling with men just because she is attracted to them, there is always some form of connection. Women need to connect with you emotionally before they can get close physically. They must not love you but they must be able to get along with you, have reasonable conversations etc. Women are always in a hurry to profess love but it doesn’t take them long to commit to another man with the same intensity. While the man might be treating women like shit for years because one woman hurt him, that woman is married with 10kids and loving it. So what is cheating to a woman? It is the moment her man starts connecting emotionally with another woman. The moment he takes his time to call/text/visit another woman. The moment he starts buying gifts. In fact it’s even more painful if you find out that the man hasn’t slept with her yet and isn’t in a hurry. This is because we are aware of how hard it is for a man to commit emotionally. So when we see signs of that we get aggressive. A 1 night stand is bad because of disease and unwanted pregnancy, but when he is cheating on you with just 1 girl, you and your relationship are in trouble.

In conclusion, while the man can choose to ignore male phone calls and the occasional toaster, sex with another man is a deal breaker for them; and while a woman can ignore monthly one night stands(though rarely), the phone calls and gift buying for other women is the deal breaker.

Before I forget, for those women that think it is wise to confess to your man after you have cheated because you believe it’s good to have a clean slate, I put it to you that in this case the truth will sink your ship deeper than the Titanic because men can be the most unforgiving creatures. Believe it or not they’d rather never ever know that you have been tampered with. The reverse though is the case for men; you are better off confessing to your woman who you have cheated than if she finds out herself because if a woman loves you, she will help you fight the “other woman” and somehow convince herself that it’s the other girl’s fault that you strayed (annoying)



3 Responses to "LESSON 3!!!"

Totally agree with you. U really did hit the nail on the head.

Women leave cheating alone, any time u guys do it, it gets messy, with all emotions and stuff.U don’t see us tryna best u guys in watch soap operas, its your thing and we(chauvenistic pricks) respect it.

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