Lesson 1

Posted on: 01/09/2011


Most people may be able to swear on behalf of their brothers, boyfriends, friends even fathers etc; but in all honesty some men don’t even realise what they are capable of until they pushed the right way…or should i say wrong the question is how can you know or at least guess that if pushed far enough, your man will whoop your ass. There are some major signs in my opinion;

Is your man a bully?: You have to understand that there are also different types of bullies…there are those that voice out what they want how they want it, but there are also those that are capable of bullying you with just 1 stern look….All of them are potential beaters. You will slowly but surely get used to their way of getting things done especially if you love them or at least think you do. Because whether we admit it or not women love to be controlled. When they have you spun in their web , i dare you to go against what they want. Try publicly disagreeing with that control freak and when he tries to caution you in private just run your mouth and stand your ground….my dear sister…make sure you have foundation handy because you will need it the next morning. If you want to tame a bully don’t start out by submitting to him..start showing him that you have a mind of your own from the get go. He will either let you be or he’d be intrigued enough to stay.

Is he Possessive?: There are different ways for men to be possessive…i personally am possessive, but i don’t feel like im loosing my life when I’m loosing control. The dangerous ones can never let you be oh..they wanna know your business everytime…they don’t necessarily keep anything from you so they don’t expect you to hide anything. Any secrecy is a sign of them loosing power…afterall you’d have to be confiding in someone. That manner of being possessive is a clear sign of self-esteem issues. Because in his subconscious he doesn’t really feel he deserves someone as good as you, every little thing makes him feel you wanna leave him. The moment you get tired of being watched like a goldfish and you try to take a little control or force him to “man-up”, u get beaten…lol…sounds funny but very true. It’s the little things you should watch out for…You go on a date and you bump into an old male friend who happens to be hotter than your beau. Watch his face after you must’ve given the dude a hug and a warm smile…infact chances r you guys may have a random fight  that night..honey its that hug that’s the real reason for the fight. Men like this can also be cry babies always begging you not to leave them etc….ewww

RAGE!!! Does you man have sparks of rage? He’d yell for seemingly little things..not at you at first of never starts that way. There’s a huge difference between a man who shouts and a man who is enraged easily. A man who just shouts can laugh the next ,moment someone says something funny….but rage? Rage lingers for hours…days, sometimes he slips into a mood and he sulks and you find yourself fruitlessly trying to cheer him up. Somedays he gets so angry(this time at you) that he breaks things, he starts smoking frantically(or pacing) appears deaf..infact that’s what is referred to as “blind rage” he seems to no longer be in this world. This happens because he’s trying so hard to control his reactions. One day my dear sister he will lose that battle and you will be sorry.

You also have the calms ones that seem harmless and seem to take all your crap without making a fuss….i pity you.

Most girls see these signs and choose to ignore them or don’t know how to relate…fact is there is no flip side to wife beating no matter what anyone tells you…it doesn’t mean he loves you more it just means he’s SICK and has self-esteem issues. A psychiatrist can help but like they say…you can take a pig out of the gutter but he’ll always be a pig…




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